Agents at Below the Wing Stations Stay Strong

As you may have heard, Envoy management is taking the position that below the wing employees (Station Agents and Cabin Appearance Agents) at four stations are no longer eligible to be part of the CWA/agent bargaining unit. The stations are CLE, MEM, RSW and SMF. Agents at these stations continue to work on the ramp, aircraft and in the BSO, as they did at the time of the union organizing and election, but have lost the ticket counter and gate work. Envoy is using this change to try to narrow the union’s coverage to just the BSO staff at these four stations.

We see no reason why the loss of A PORTION of the work at these locations should remove the remaining people from the bargaining unit.

CWA was certified as our union in 2015. The only thing that has changed since then is that some of the work has gone away from these stations.

Some of us have been here all along, doing the same job, and it doesn’t make sense that we would suddenly be taken out of the bargaining unit.

The company is creating an artificial division to try to remove our right to be part of the union. But we are ONE group – agents working on the ramp in all of these stations can bid into BSO jobs by seniority, and BSO agents can switch to the ramp from bid to bid. We are all on the same pay scale and under the same personnel policies and management.

CWA continues to consider ALL CLE, MEM, RSW & SMF agents union members and is fighting to ensure that they continue to be part of the unit.  CWA is pursuing every avenue possible to protect agents right to remain in the union they have helped build.

Sign the ‘United We Stand’ petition to show your support for retaining union coverage at these locations. There is strength in unity!

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