Airport employees working for an American Airlines subsidiary are complaining about broken equipment, sprained limbs, and low wages — and they claim it’s creating unsafe conditions for workers and flyers

From Business Insider:

Envoy Air ground service agents are speaking out about working conditions at the American Airlines subsidiary.

A total of 800 Envoy Air service agents participated in a survey created by their union, the Communications Workers of America. The CWA estimated that 8,000 service agents currently work at Envoy.

The survey highlighted a number of overarching concerns regarding pay, staffing, time pressure, and safety.

CWA is currently negotiating its members’ contract with Envoy Air. CWA has represented Envoy Air agents since 2015, and this isn’t the first such survey it has published about the working conditions of its members.

Envoy Air maintains a fleet of 150 aircraft, services 150 destinations, and operates over 1,000 flights a day, according to the Irving, Texas-based regional airliner’s website. Envoy Air got its start as a number of separate regional carriers, which American Airlines began buying up in the 1980s.

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