Envoy Air gate and ramp agents say working conditions should ‘raise red flags’

From the Dallas Business Journal:

Gate and ramp agents for Envoy Air are complaining about working conditions at the American Airlines (Nasdaq: AAL) subsidiary, claiming rushed inspections, high stress and unreasonable time pressures from management put passengers and crew at risk.

A new report released Monday based on a nationwide survey of 800 passenger service agents at Irving-based Envoy, data from company injury logs and OSHA inspections shows dangerous conditions affecting agents. The conditions “should raise red flags for the flying public,” the report says.

Envoy Air agents reported serious safety hazards on the job due to unreasonable time pressures, high turnover, chronic understaffing, low wages and long hours, and a management culture that forces workers to cut corners to maintain an on-time schedule and avoid discipline and puts them at risk of injury,the report says.

The survey was conducted by the workers’ union, the Communications Workers of America. It is the first to examine safety hazards at Envoy Air and indicates the company is stretching its frontline staff, whose wages start as low as $9.48 per hour and reach $15.71 after 11 years of service, past their ability to ensure a safe, efficient boarding and departure process for passengers. Envoy Air’s service agents’ average pay is $11.50 per hour, according to the CWA.

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