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About Us

Why We Want a Union:

We all deserve to be respected and treated well where we work. Joining the Communications Workers of America, the union for customer service and airline employees, is how we make that happen.

For decades, corporations have been waging a campaign to convince working families we are better off without a voice at work. But the facts simply don’t support that. Union representation and a negotiated contract are the only way to secure real guarantees on Job Security, Fair Pay and Respect at work.

With CWA, we will have the chance to work together with management to build a better company; we choose our own representatives and vote on the issues that matter to us.

With CWA, we will have the support of over 150,000 members who work in customer service and 60,000 aviation professionals; all of whom are committed to helping us gain a voice at work.

With CWA, we get the right to bargain over things like pay, benefits, health care, as well as policies affecting promotions, job bidding, layoffs, and many other aspects of your job and workplace.

We have seen that with no representation, we are at the whim of management and have little job security in a turbulent industry. Although once we win representation we certainly won’t win every fight, at least a union will give us a strong voice on the job. Our US Airways colleagues have used that voice to win strong job security protections, severe restrictions on outsourcing and consistent wage progressions.

Shouldn’t we have a say in the decisions that impact us every day?

Don’t we all deserve a voice at Envoy?

Who is CWA:

The Communications Workers of America represents over 700,000 members in both the public and private sectors of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. CWA members work in airlines, customer service, telecommunications, journalism, publishing, manufacturing, healthcare and other fields.

In the airline industry, CWA members include passenger service professionals at US Airways and Piedmont Airlines as well as Flight Attendants at 19 carriers through the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, representing a total of 60,000 aviation professionals. This means members of CWA have access to leading experts and decade’s worth of experience in the airline industry, exactly what we need to guarantee management listens to our collective voice so we can negotiate a strong contract.

CWA’s strategy for rebuilding our democracy and achieving economic justice rests on three interconnected pillars: Representation, Organizing and Movement Building. To achieve results in today’s anti-worker environment, CWA representation and organizing campaigns involve not just isolated groups of workers, but activating entire communities. And, strategic industry and international partnerships mean members never have to stand alone.

CWA is our voice for winning the job security, fair pay, health care and retirement security we all deserve.