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CWA-Envoy Bargaining Update – April 18, 2019

We resumed bargaining with Envoy yesterday afternoon in Dallas. This first round of bargaining will continue through Friday afternoon. We've added three Envoy agents to observe bargaining--Martha Chentis (ORD), Shannon Kitchen (LCH), and Takisha Gower (DFW). We plan to send you frequent updates by email and post them on our Facebook page and at

We've heard your concerns about the tentative agreement, and we're committed to fighting for the strongest possible contract for every Envoy agent. The results of the bargaining survey were clear, and the new contract proposal that we gave Envoy yesterday is based on your feedback. Our proposal includes:

  • Wage increases that total more than $50 million over the life of the agreement,
  • Increases in every step of the wage tables,
  • Reduction in the time to reach top pay from 14 years to 12 years,
  • Establishment of a GSC premium of $1.00 per hour,
  • Increase in the Temporary Lead premium to $1.00 per hour,
  • Increase in the minimum Ratification and Retention Bonus to $500 per employee covered by the agreement,
  • Increase in Part Time Vacation to the same number of days as Full Time Vacation, and
  • Reduction in the length of the agreement from 7 years to 5 years.

In addition to this week's bargaining sessions, our union and the company have agreed to mediation through the National Mediation Board (NMB). We've already agreed to meet with the mediator and the company in Dallas on May 20-22 and in Pittsburgh on June 18-20.

Our power at the bargaining table depends on you. Envoy management will not take our proposals seriously unless they see that members at every station are demanding change. Mobilization efforts are already heating up. Our Envoy Bargaining Advisory Council rallied today in Dallas with agents from across the country and met to make mobilization plans for the coming weeks.


Envoy agents from across the US rallied at DFW on April 17, 2019, for an end to poverty wages.

If you are interested in joining your station's Mobilization Team, please contact a Local officer or your organizer today.

When we fight, we win!

In unity,

Pat O'Neil, Chair, CWA Bargaining Committee
Marge Krueger, Director, CWA Airline Passenger Service
De Anna Davis, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, BPT
Chris Haight, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, TVC
James McKnight, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, MIA
Janet Padgett, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, LAX