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Education Scholarships for 250 Airline Agents

A total of 250 passenger service agents received scholarships from the CWA National Education and Training Trust CWA/NETT) in the past few months. The agents took advantage of the funds to pursue new knowledge and brush up on valuable skills. The courses were wide-ranging, from Spanish and sign language to psychology, grant writing, real estate, sales, and investing.

 We asked some agents to share a little about their learning experiences. Tawanna Johnson of Local 3631 took Spanish. “I enjoyed the course, and it has helped me dialogue with our Spanish-speaking clientele much better,” she said. “I am still studying and hope to be fluent in a few years. I appreciated this course very much.”

 Eva Cook of Local 13301 completed a real estate course while on furlough, and liked the fact that it was self-paced. “I really appreciate the opportunity that was given to take such a course. I loved that it was challenging and thoughtful,” said Eva. And Jose Andrade of Local 3641 used his scholarship to improve his professional sales skills. “This was an amazing opportunity,” said Jose. “I am very thankful for the experience.”

Kevin Celata, our Member Benefits and Facility Services Administrator, who oversees the union’s e-learning programs, said he and CWA Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens are pleased to have been able to fund the scholarships and help so many members during such a tough year for everyone.