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Envoy Agents Join Historic Fight for $15 Conference

On the weekend of August 13-14, Kala Saxon (LAW) and Marie Gage (ORD) attended the historic first Fight for $15 Convention in Richmond, Virginia. Kala and Marie joined thousands of hard-working men and women in calling for a fair wage and an economy that works for everyone, not just the 1 percent. The workers marched through the former Confederate capital to emphasize that the fight for economic and racial justice are forever linked.   Kala, who has been an agent for five years, says that although she and her co-workers at Envoy are not technically minimum wage workers, they wanted to join the march in Richmond to express their solidarity with low-wage workers at airports and in other industries across the country. “Most of the speakers were just ordinary people,” said Kala, “and I could really understand their frustrations and all the challenges they face. We face similar challenges, because we start at just a little over $9 per hour. The only way to make change happen and improve our situation is to join together. That’s why the Fight for $15 convention was important.”   Well-known social justice warrior Rev. Dr. William Barber II addressed the convention, emphasizing that the Fight for $15 is a moral crusade, and that “When it’s all over and the dust clears, truth will win, justice will win, and love will win . . . When we all get together we will win!”