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Envoy Bargaining Update for November 2018

14 Nov, 2018

Our CWA bargaining committee met with the Envoy bargaining committee on November 5-6. We received a counter offer on Compensation, which we discussed at length. Envoy did increase the wage proposal for DFW slightly.

Envoy responded to our proposals on Vaction and Overtime. We made counter proposals on Vacation, Overtime, and Customer Assistance Representatives in Miami. Although we made progress on each proposal, we could not agree on some of the items in the articles.

Our fight remains about livable wages, and we are committed to fighting one day longer to bring back a contract that meets every member's needs.

Our next bargaining dates are January 22-24. We had hoped to find dates sooner. However, the only dates in December that Envoy gave us were right before Christmas. Two members of our committee will be on vacation then, and travel during the week before Christmas would be extremely difficult. Therefore, we scheduled three dates in January in the hope we can reach a fair agreement.

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