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Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort Underway

31 Aug, 2017

We've received lots of calls from agents asking how they can help fellow employees in areas affected by the recent hurricane and floods in Texas and Louisiana. First and foremost, all American passenger service employees in Houston have been accounted for and are safe. Sadly, many have been evacuated and have homes under water.

There are CWA members from American, Envoy, United, AT&T, and Verizon, just to name a few, in the affected areas. CWA President Chris Shelton says:

CWA families need our help now. District 6 has established the CWA Hurricane Harvey Solidarity Fund to make sure that CWA members get the help they need. A committee of CWA local leaders from Texas, established by District 6 Vice President Claude Cummings, will oversee the fund with the assistance of Administrative Director Judy Graves.

It will take many months for CWA families in Texas to start recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Let’s help as much as we can.

Please donate to the solidarity fund by clicking here.

On-line donations are preferred, but you can also send a check, payable to CWA Hurricane Harvey Solidarity Fund, to the CWA District 6 office at this address:

CWA Hurricane Harvey Solidarity Fund
c/o Judy Graves
The Parkway, Building One
4801 Southwest Parkway, Suite 115
Austin, Texas 78735

Donations are not tax deductible. CWA’s Disaster Relief Fund will also be used to help our members hurt by Hurricane Harvey. The American Family Fund will be providing assistance as well. You can read more about it on Jetnet or make a donation at

Gina Lenahan will coordinate for the IAH employees and will provide information on how to access relief funds and other services. We hope to know soon when the airport will re-open. Authorities are assessing the situation and looking at TDYs, and that information will be forthcoming.

Please watch your emails over the next few days for updates on how you can assist your fellow employees. We are working with American management to coordinate these efforts.

In unity,

Tammy Woods
President, CWA Local 6001

Mike LoVuolo
CWA District 6, Staff Representative


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