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It's time to mobilize!

Bargaining with Envoy resumed last week, and the company refused to meet our demands for significant wage increases or a reduction in the length of the contract. This is simply unacceptable, and we must show Envoy management that we are united for a fair contract!

If you missed our detailed bargaining reports, you can find them HERE.

What's next? We've agreed to mediation with the National Mediation Board (NMB), an independent agency of the U.S. government. NMB mediators work with unions and companies to resolve collective bargaining disputes in the railroad and airline industries. Our first mediation session will take place in Dallas from May 20-22. We've scheduled a second round of mediation in Pittsburgh from June 18-20.

It's time to mobilize! Our power at the bargaining table comes from our unity.

Many of our union stewards and activists have stepped up to form a Mobilization Team in this phase of our fight. This week, they'll be in the stations asking agents to sign letters to their station managers. We will bring copies of the letters to the May mediation session to show Envoy management that we are united in our demand for significant improvements in the tentative agreement.

We need every agent at every station to sign a letter. If you have not yet signed, contact your Mobilization Team member or send a message to today. If you have signed, join the effort to make sure that every agent knows about the letter and adds their name.


We're also making sure the flying public knows about our fight for livable wages and fair treatment. Last week, agents at DFW held a rally to demand an end to poverty wages. And earlier this week, James McKnight, MIA agent and member of our bargaining team, helped shine a light on the poverty wages and desperate conditions many Envoy workers face in this CBS4 story.

We need to be ready to take action quickly to demonstrate our unity and strength. Make sure every agent is getting our email alerts and text messages by clicking here to invite your co-workers to sign up.

If you need more pins and stickers or are interested in joining the Mobilization Team, send a message to today.

When we fight, we win!

In unity,

Pat O'Neil, Chair, CWA Bargaining Committee
Marge Krueger, Director, CWA Airline Passenger Service
De Anna Davis, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, LCH
Chris Haight, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, TVC
James McKnight, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, MIA
Janet Padgett, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, LAX