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Legislative Update: PSP and the PRO Act

The thousands of letters, postcards, emails, and phone calls CWA members sent to Congress over the past year made a difference—and we can be proud of the role we played. In March, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, which extended the Payroll Support Program (PSP) through September 30, 2021, keeping passenger service agents and other aviation workers connected to our essential jobs and healthcare.

The next legislation we need Congress to pass in order to help all working families is the Protecting Our Right to Organize Act, also known as the PRO Act, which has passed in the U.S. House, but is stalled in the Senate. Just like the Rescue Plan, it’s going to take an all-hands-on-deck effort to make it happen.

Why is the PRO Act Important?

We all know there are huge roadblocks standing in the way when workers try to make their voices heard on the job. Many of us have seen powerful bosses retaliate against our co-workers in person. On the news, we’ve watched corporate giants crushing workers who are trying to organize for a better life.

If passed, the PRO Act would remove common obstacles that keep workers from joining together in unions and would ban some of the most common union-busting tactics, including captive audience meetings. When workers decide to form a union, the PRO Act would make it harder for employers to stall at the bargaining table and allow workers to engage in more powerful strikes. It would shift power away from the CEOs and toward workers. And the PRO Act would help us bargain stronger contracts, click here to learn more. Show your support by clicking here to sign our petition today.