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An Observer's View of Bargaining

Bargaining between our CWA bargaining team and the company resumed April 17-19. I was proud to serve as an observer at the bargaining table alongside Takisha Gower (DFW) and Shannon Kitchen (LCH). Having observers like us at the table helps more agents understand the bargaining process so we can better support our bargaining team and show the company that agents across the country are united in our demand for a fair deal.

I've been a passenger service agent for 30 years, and I can't remember the last time I got a significant raise. Like you, I'm tired of the pressures of the job getting worse every day just so executives can line their own pockets and threaten us with outsourcing.

I saw firsthand in the last bargaining session how dug in Envoy management is, and it's frustrating. They refused to meet our demand for higher wages and a shorter contract. We all know we deserve more, but unless we mobilize and show the company that we're fighting together and won't give up, management won't change.

We're heading back to the bargaining table in Dallas from May 20-22. This time, there will be a mediator from the National Mediation Board there to help ensure the process is fair and moving forward so the company can't just keep saying no.

It's clear to me that victory at the bargaining table will come from our unity.

Every agent must get involved. Members of our Mobilization Team are gathering signatures on letters to management. We'll take copies of the letters to the mediation session later this month to show we're all standing together and demanding a fair contract.


My fellow agents at ORD are mobilizing!

We need every Envoy agent to sign on now! If you haven't signed a letter yet, contact your Mobilization Team member or send a message to

And we're going to start sending out more text messages to make sure you know what's going on and so we can take action quickly. To join the text message list, text ENVOY to 69866.

In unity,

Martha Chentis
Lead Agent, ORD

P.S. Help us make sure every agent is getting our email alerts and text messages by clicking here to invite your co-workers to sign up. If you need more pins and stickers or are interested in joining the Mobilization Team, send a message to today.