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Speaking Truth to American Airlines Shareholders

On June 13, 2018, American Airlines shareholders gathered in New York City for their annual meeting. Business is booming at American. The company made almost $2 billion in profits last year, just got a huge tax cut, and paid millions to executives. Meanwhile, 9,000 passenger service workers at American-owned Envoy and Piedmont Air still have to survive on poverty pay. 

At the meeting, Envoy agent Takisha Gower said:

I am here on behalf of my 9,000 coworkers at Envoy and Piedmont who are seeking fair pay for our work, and fair union contracts. We are the face of American, and we’re expected to project a positive image. But we are treated like we don’t have value. . . We are negotiating in good faith, yet American is refusing to agree to pay family-supporting wages and put agents on a career track.”

Takisha spoke the truth to those who hold the power to make change at American Airlines. Now the rest of us must join her and ramp up the pressure. We need to demand our fair share! 

It's not hard to do, and it only takes a few minutes:

1. Call 1-888-892-8483 to connect with your Senators. Click here to call.

2. Tell the person who picks up the phone: 

I am a passenger service agent at Piedmont or Envoy, which is owned by American Airlines. My coworkers and I struggle to survive on low wages. I am calling to ask you to urge American Airlines to raise wages and settle a fair union contract with us. Poverty pay is not okay for a company that makes billions in profits.

Our calls to Senators are making a difference. American Airlines is feeling the pressure. It’s essential for all of us to make the call. Let's make sure the company knows we're serious about raising wages and getting the fair union contract we deserve. 

We are the face of American Airlines. We work hard every single day to make sure travelers are taken care of. We deserve our fair share and, together, we will get it.