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Bargaining Updates

CWA Bargaining Update Envoy Air – March 3, 2017

On February 28, March 1, and March 2, members of the CWA Bargaining Committee and Deanna Davis from the Advisory Council met with Envoy Bargaining Committee members. The Envoy team now has an added member to help with the economic aspects of the contract. The meeting started with Envoy presenting a counter proposal on Uniforms. The Union provided counter proposals on Reduction in Force and Representation. Over the three-day session, counter proposals on Temporary Duty, General, and Holidays were passed back and forth. The Company and the Union were able to reach agreement on Temporary Duty and Representation.
  • The Temporary Duty article spells out the terms of Temporary Duty, guaranteeing that it would not be forced and spelling out reimbursement for travel and meals.
  • Representation gives union members the right to be off the job to represent fellow members.
The articles on Reduction in Force, Holidays, and Uniforms are being held for the future economic discussion because we could not reach an agreement. In our next session we will be discussing Job Classifications and the other articles that are outstanding. CWA has 19 open articles submitted to the Company. Bargaining is becoming more intense because most of the remaining articles are at least partly related to economics. The Union Bargaining Committee will be meeting in April to work on the economic proposal.