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Bargaining Updates

CWA-Envoy Bargaining Update June 20

Wednesday's bargaining session was long and busy. We met with the federal mediator and the company to try to make improvements on our previous tentative agreement. The company introduced a new proposal that attempted to address your most significant concerns. Wednesday's proposal from the company was an improvement over their previous proposal, but still fell short, so that we could not consider bringing it to you for a vote.

Our team explained to the company that there are several key items we must reach agreement on in order to move forward. They said they plan to work Wednesday night and will return to the table with a new proposal on Thursday.

We will continue to keep you posted on the negotiations each day, and we will continue to demand a fair contract that includes the wages and benefits that every Envoy agent deserves.

We urge you to continue to wear your pins every day to let management at every station across the country know that you are standing with your coworkers for a fair contract.

In Unity,

Pat O'Neil, Chair, CWA Bargaining Committee
Marge Krueger, Director, CWA Airline Passenger Service
De Anna Davis, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, LCH
Chris Haight, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, TVC
James McKnight, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, MIA
Janet Padgett, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, LAX

P.S. Help us make sure every agent is getting our email alerts and text messages by clicking here to invite your co-workers to sign up. If you need more pins and stickers or are interested in joining the Mobilization Team, send a message to today.