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Bargaining Updates

CWA Bargaining Update Envoy Air – September 21, 2016


September 21, 2016

CWA Wing Logo On September 14-15 your bargaining committee met with the Envoy bargaining committee. Two alternates attended the meeting for CWA. The meeting started with an update of the announced furlough of 35 bus drivers at LAX. CWA questioned why none of the employees had yet been interviewed for other positions. The company informed us that employees would be scheduled for interviews this week. There will be jobs at American Airlines ramp and CAR positions, so watch the web site as American has advised us they are just waiting on budget approval. The company presented a proposal on the System Board of Adjustment. CWA presented counter proposals on Authorized Union Business and System Board of Adjustment, and made new proposals on Swaps and Leave of Absence. The company and the union signed an agreement on the System Board of Adjustment. This article goes hand-in-hand with the Grievance Procedure and provides the enforcement for the contract. If we are not able to agree to settle a grievance that is a violation of the contract the company and the union select a neutral party. The case is brought before the neutral party, which is called an arbitrator, just like a court case. The arbitrator will make a decision that is binding on both the company and the union based on contract language and the facts of the case. They have the ability to make a ruling for back pay, benefits, and to bring someone back to work. We continued to have more conversation about the valet bag issue, the leave of absence article, discipline and discharge, and swaps. The next bargaining dates are October 20-21.